Saturday, 2 August 2008

Wrapping up

On Friday evening many of those gathered in Canterbury as part of the LGBT Anglican witness gathered for a "drinks party" and BBQ before many of our number had to leave for home. It's been a very full two weeks, and we had much to celebrate, not the least being many new friendships and a developing network of LGBT Anglicans around the world.

The bishops are continuing to meet through Sunday in bible study, indaba, and hearing sessions as they finalize the reflections document that is intended to be (so we hear) the primary product for their conference. There are also several more press briefings, so anything could still happen. The general feeling, however, is that it's too late for any significant effort to derail or abort the process.

Since our accommodation was only booked through today, most of the Canadian team is heading to the train station in the next few hours. We'll be breaking-down the Marketplace stall this evening, and I'll stick around through Monday to report any late-breaking developments. The prayers and well-wishes of Integrity friends at home are still most welcome ... we have sensed your support and encouragement from the start and are so thankful for them! Thank you!

Steve Schuh

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