Monday, 28 July 2008

Discussion Starters: WCG's "Preliminary Observations"

Although the WCG's "preliminary observations" are creating a bit of a stir in Lambeth's otherwise calm sea, there is really little reason to get too worked up about them. The notes are basically abstracts of comments made in the bishop's indaba groups, shaped to suggest a way forward. They have absolutely no authority, nor do they represent a singular proposal. They're just conversation starters, so you might say they've been successful!

In terms of process, it's kind of like sausage-making. Comments from the bishop's discussion today about their comments on version 2 will be collated with further conversation from the indaba groups later this week, then reprocessed into a third version of an actual report which will be sent to the Anglican Consultative Counsel next spring. So there is lots of time for comment and critique, and from what we're hearing so far, there's lots and lots of critique.

In other words, this so-called bomb is really just a firecracker -- it's made a little noise, and we'll soon move on. Nothing much to see here.

Still, the Inclusive Church Network, of which Integrity Canada is a part, will be making a statement in the morning -- nothing hysterical, just ensuring the LGBT voice is heard above the din of the professional fear-mongers. Integrity friends now have a little context to put it all in proper perspective.

Steve Schuh

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