Friday, 25 July 2008

Notes from Bob

I guess it's time for me to get on line.

One of the upsetting things going on is that someone is vandalizing the daily newsletter display boxes put out by our group. So we have started posting lurkers to watch what's going on. there seems to be one constant in the person of a 'very patrician' looking woman with graying upswept hair. Frustrating, but not surprising. there are always those who are trying to shut down our witness in the faith of Christ.
I met my bishop Don and later his wife Nancy. They have both been facing bizarre notions from people about what homosexuals do, including buying people. Don told me about one Bishop who really struggled with the whole issue and was saying, what do I do with all this? How am I to deal with it all. I can't imagine how difficult it would be for an African Bishop to be open at all to new ideas about the issue when he would be attacked himself at home. Nancy has had some major set to's with a powerful African Woman who really has been sold a bill of goods by the GAFCON group. I told Nancy to offer her a conversation with me if she is interested in meeting a real live homosexual.

Anyway, we continue to witness as quietly and gently as we can. There was an introduction of a new film called 'Voices of Witness: Africa' testifying to the reality of GLBT presence in Africa. Powerful testimony from very vulnerable people, a couple of whom were present for a panel. It's all we can do...keep putting the truth out there and hope people will be open enough to the spirit to recognize the truth.

Blessings all,

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