Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Chance encounters

One of the wonderful experiences here is the conversations you have along the walkways of the university campus. I, for example, this morning, sat down between the main dining hall and the "Big Top" (where the bishops' plenary sessions are held) and had a wonderful conversation with Mary Arreak, wife of Benjamin, suffragan bishop of the Arctic (resident in Kuujjak, Quebec). We managed to find a point in common, namely, the effort to get treatment for HIV-positive people in their part of the diocese.

Who should stroll along but Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury? So I sprung to my feet as he said "hello" to introduce him to Mary.

About an hour later returning to the Marketplace, I had a great conversation along the pathway with our Primate, Archbishop Fred Hiltz. He agreed to pose for a photograph, showing him in all his "primatial splendour". (Well, at least the baseball cap was purple!)

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