Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Which Way Africa?

Chris Ambidge described beautifully the "African Voices" afternoon we had today in Canterbury.

But, in the spirit of the event, let me share with you the words of one Nigerian lesbian, Rose Ngeri (who is sharing the cottage next door here at the Ebury Hotel). This is her picture. These are the words she read.

Which Way Africa?

The Lambeth Conference is, to me, a place where you meet Bishops and people from all walks of life to share different views about lots of things we see and hear.

I gather that LGB T are welcomed in the House of God by some people... yet, denied the right of place in the same House of God by others.

Please, our African spiritual fathers, let us have a place in our churches. Remember, we were born of your fathers, mothers, sisters, aunties, cousins and nieces.

Our mothers did not ask for this group of children. Ratehr it is the content of the man deposited in the woman that came out the same way it is made by God.

African leaders keep passing laws against LGBT. Please, if I may ask, what crime have we committed?

Mothers, will you fold your arms and let your children die through torture? Why can't you ask them what crime your children have committed before they kill more of your children?

How long should we keep quiet about issues like this.

Which way Africa?

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