Thursday, 31 July 2008

Lambeth Drama

Last night one of the Drama events presented was called 'Seven Passages' based on the clobber verses in the bible and the words of over 100 people who were interviewed about their 'passages' in coming to terms with their sexuality as Gay or Lesbian Christians. 7 young actors did a wonderful job of portraying the struggles, joys and sorrows of these issues. Both the writing and the acting were spot on and identified every stage of my, and I'm sure most G/L Christians, journey toward wholeness in Christ.

Unfortunately, about half way through, 6 people who appeared to be from Africa walked out. I asked the actors and writer after the play how that affected them and they said of course it was hurtful but was also the first time it had ever happened in all the times they've produced it. Sad, but as it has been said here, if you're not prepared to listen you can't have a conversation.

Today is the sex talk day for the bishops so we will undoubtedly be hearing considerable comment about that. so far the little that has trickled out has been positive.

Thank you all for your prayers, and don't stop now!


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